Saturday, August 28, 2010

Juggling Act

Since I finished my first short story in February of 2009, I have written more or less three days a week, with a pair of major interruptions (weeks) when I had become frustrated and disheartened with the process. Two months ago, I came out of the second of those setbacks, but this time I focused my efforts, and decided that it was time to get serious and write everyday. 

I have, by and large, lived up to that standard since. I may have missed a Sunday or two, but I've never gone a day without at least doing cursory revisions on one of my handful of unfinished stories, and on the greater majority of days, I'm either writing original prose or editing a completed draft--sometimes both. 

But I have neglected something in this process: Reading. 

I read every day, mind you, just like I write every day, but I used to be able to lie down with a great book in prime time and not look up from it until the sun starts peeping in through the windows. I haven't sat down and had one of those Big Gulp sessions in a long time now. 

Balancing your writing with other aspects--work, social--of your life is a common dilemma, but has anyone else had a problem balancing writing and reading, or is it just me?


  1. Me, me, me! I dropped reading for about four months when I started writing shorts seriously. I had two books on the go for a couple months, but never got anywhere because the call to write was so strong.

    But in the last two weeks as well as getting a few shorts written (and submitted) I've read two books - go see my blog ;) - and I feel so much better for it. I had a count up, I have fifteen-plus unread books on my shelf, just waiting for me to read them. And I keep buying more. So I really need to keep the balance now.

    I share all my reading on 'weRead' through Facebook, and I review most of the stuff I read on Amazon as well. Getting those reviews out is a real motivator. And I used to record everything in a book journal too.

  2. I almost said "That's crazy!" but then I realized that I'm about 25 pages into a book I bought two months ago, with six--SIX--other books I've had forced on me by friends who insist I must read them, but haven't even picked up yet.