Monday, May 23, 2011

(Not Quite So) PRL: ChiZine

Dear Joe,
Thank you for thinking of We have read your fiction. Though the submission was interesting and well-written, after consideration it has not been chosen for publication. Best of luck placing your story elsewhere. Please think of our 'Zine again when submitting your work.
The Editors 

 Yet another rejection for the pile.

Oh well. Time to find another market!


  1. They're a tough market, Joe. Here I'm sending you imaginary cookies.

  2. And I'm eating those imaginary cookies! Om nom nom!

    Keep em comin'. Got another rejection today!

  3. I got plenty. No, wait, I scoffed them all myself: One Buck Horror, and FAE. Off to bake more.

  4. Hey, I just got an FAE rejection! Serendipity-doo!

  5. Crap. I received the same rejection from ChiZine this week, word-for-word. Guess it's a form letter after all, dang it. They got me with "interesting and well-written" -- of course I agreed, but...

    Good luck on the re-sub!

  6. Well, Milo, if they do it at all the way magazines like Lightspeed and Clarkesworld (among others) do it, they could very well have a tiered rejection system. That is, the "interesting and well-written' part might be reserved for stories they truly believe to be interesting and well-written.

    Here's hoping, anyway! And thanks for the comment.

  7. Yep, I got one from them just the same! Onwards and upwards.

    I see you're in NY. You know, on a clear day, there's a fair chance you can see my pile of rejection letters over here in the UK!

  8. Is that what that is?? Shows what I know. I was telling people I thought it was fallout from the volcano!