Friday, September 16, 2011

"The Machine" Is Live!

Head on over to The Absent Willow Review and read my soft sci-fi jaunt "The Machine."

If you don't want to, I'll understand. I'll give you a purple nurple, but I'll understand.


  1. Wow -- a fine tale, told at a breakneck pace I couldn't wander away from.

    Favorite line:

    "With all the work I’ve done to raise these, it would annoy me to think they can appear on their own." I can relate -- regarding my fiction!

  2. Thanks, Milo! And yes, I'm pretty sure that line is a metaphor for our struggles as writers.

  3. Joe,

    Hey, that's a fablous story. What a great hook. Congratulations, Joe.

  4. I have no idea what a purple nurple even is, but as it sounds painful, I thought I'd better read ...

    Wow. Powerful stuff, a great central idea and some wonderful story-telling. Impressive.

  5. Thanks so much, Simon! And now you never have to know what a purple nurple is!