Monday, June 6, 2011

Better Late Than Never, Write??

It came down to the wire, but my first weekly w1s1 story is done. Finished. Finito. Also, subbed. Honestly, it would have (read: should have) been finished mid-week, but I was under the weather, and nothing stifles my muse like a little sick.

But all is well now (including me), and I have a 4,500-word story, entitled "Summer of Change", sitting on a slush pile somewhere. Nyet too shabby, comrades. 

 No rejections to report, thankfully. But no acceptances, either. Oh well. Onward and upward to the next storahhh! 


  1. Great stuff Joe! Best of luck with the submission.

  2. Thanks, Simon. Now the tricky part is turning right around and writing another one.

  3. Nicely done, sir. Now on to the next!

    By the way, are you multi-lingual? Judging by your use of "finito" and "nyet", I'm thinking the answer is ja.

  4. Negatory, mi Milo. I just like to rap in neologisms and (mis)appropriated foreign words.

    But it's funny you mention that, because as we speak (well, not literally) I am using Rosetta Stone to learn Mandarin. Or should I say...actually, I have no idea how to say it in Mandarin yet, so let's just leave it at that!