Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Congrats, Adam Callaway!

The very first time I saw the term "PRL" was on Adam Callaway's Sensawunda blog. In fact, it was the only author blog I had ever read besides George RR Martin's Not-A-Blog over at Wordpress. The idea that a grinder, an amateur like me would keep a blog was something of a revelation. The thought had never even crossed my mind before, but here I was enthralled by the journey of this one, average (though not in talent) guy.

His blog inspired me to do one of my own. His posting of every rejection he received inspired me to be accountable to myself by being accountable to my (potential, and, at the time, imaginary) followers. So if you like what I do here, you can thank Adam Callaway. 

Anyway, I just found out that Adam has made his 2nd pro sale, the first to the award-winning Locus-recommended Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which just so happens to also be his dream market. It could not have happened to a better writer, a harder worker, and though we have not always agreed on things, I could not be happier for someone than I am for Adam right now. So congrats, buddy! You deserve it.


  1. Ah, shucks. Hard work is all it takes man. You keep writing every day, subbing every day, you're only going to get better and better. Then all it takes is an editor to realize that. And if you ever need a first reader, hit me up. Thanks for the kind post. I truly appreciate it.

  2. Yeah, it's the best bit about writing when a pal gets a great acceptance. No, wait, that's the second best thing.

    But it's still cool. Conratulations to Adam. Wonderful venue.

  3. Adam: No problem, man. Here's to many, many more. And don't think I won't take you up on that first reader offer! haha

    Deb: DEFINITELY the second best thing, but it's still nice.